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Could iPhone X foreshadow the end of the Cloud?


Investor Peter Levine has an interesting theory which sees the retreat of the Cloud. He builds his idea on historical development of the work with performance of IT devices that has been developing in certain cycles. It all started with hall computers that centralized performance. Later, the computer became "personal", and its performance was sufficient for all work. Subsequently, human demands hit performance limits and with the arrival of the Cloud, the performance is becoming centralized once again.

Peter Levine goes further and sees this stage as obsolete. He predicts the return of performance from Internet centres back to individual devices. It is logical, since autonomous cars and other IoT devices already now need to perform crazy real-time calculations and cannot be dependent on the Internet.

This trend might be supported by the upcoming new iOS X, which brings the incredible FaceID functionality, directly integrated into a mobile device. Face recognition technology is a breakthrough, as it does not need the Cloud for its full functionality. Face recognition, which has so far been the privilege of Machine Learning Cloud Services, is being transferred into a device that you can carry in our pocket. The fact that it is available on a mobile device supports the fact that the world of IoT is becoming even more realistic.

It would be a mistake to believe that the Cloud that has not yet presented all its benefits could be outdated technology.

Does it mean that the Cloud is coming to a close? If companies focus more on performance and capacity and perceive the Cloud as an 'enabler' of their business, then certainly not. Integration and speed of modern technology testing, flexibility and the possibility to sample services according to business development, provision of a 'deep learning' operation environment are among the benefits that the Cloud companies will continue to provide. It would be a mistake to believe that the Cloud that has not yet presented all its benefits could be outdated technology. Of course, there will be areas that will transfer from the Cloud back to devices, however, other areas in the world of the Cloud will make up for them really quickly.




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