Managed services and outsourcing

Benefit from global knowledge sharing. Increase ROI of your projects.
Receive market leading  IT solutions.

Expertise from our unique network of experts at your disposal!

Focus on your core business

Our dedicated team of technical experts will drive your core business forward. With access to our wide industry and technical knowledge, alongside our software development processes you will have a greater resource to move your business further.

You will also have full control over the degree of our involvement and the level of monitoring required when working with us; we take full responsibility for the delivered result.

What you will get

What we offer

24/7 support
We will put together a team that will act as your own in house development department. You will benefit from full expertise, but you will only pay for the resources that you actually use.

In house IT departments tend to target specific IT goals when delivering their solutions, however with Xolution we will deliver products that follow and support the business strategy of your company.


We recommend evaluating every IT outsourcing decision. Under certain conditions, there might be good arguments for keeping IT in house. Feel free to approach us and we will find a solution that best addresses your needs.

What to do next

Contact us
Discuss and gain understanding. 

We will capture your views and understand the goals you are aiming for. The basis for discussion can be anything - a full project specification or a simple description of the desired outcome.
Analysis & Draft
Our team will assess your needs based on previous discussions and will translate them into IT language. We will send over our proposed solution and project roadmap for your review.
Agree project success criteria and KPIs. 

We will agree on critical success factors (CSFs), and key performance indicators (KPIs) and if applicable agree possible impacts on your current service level agreements (SLAs). You will receive a draft proposal with a price and terms for our services.
Delivery & Reporting
Deliver the work and report.

We will work on the solution your require together. Reports and feedback are produced regularly at each stage of the project to ensure stakeholders are satisfied and to review the progress of the project. Moreover you will have full control over the project, to ensure the objectives you set us, are being met.
Project closure
Evaluate project and file. 

Once a project has concluded we will asses the outcome and draw conclusions. A final report and review of project KPIs will be drafted in order to compare the intended/desired outcome with the end result. Project documentation will be handed over.

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After the discussion we will perform mapping of the processes and analyse the current state.
You will receive variety of scenarios to choose from discribing different ways how to solve your issue.
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