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Project management & tools


Libor Bešenyi (CTO)

Let’s look at the tools and techniques used in project management. A few notes from the conference on project management in Zlin (Czech Republic).


Katarina Rubisarova (MS Project)
Zbynek Slosar (Image of projects)


Teamwork is not about the tools but about the people, it should always be considered whether it is necessary to use project management tools, or communication or Excel might be enough.

  • This is important for example in case of dedicated teams (various time bands / separate teams and the need to know where the project is located) - report through the timeline

Project Manager is not IT guy! See this link: Project management trendes (part Project managers).

It is recommended to break complex problems into small projects, this appears to be the path to success (how to manage a big project at a time).

Project management is about communication:

  • Here the problem arises in the use of different tools, people lose perspective on what works and why (where to input what): Email / Sharepoint / Guru / Excel ... (this is for example centralised by MS Project)
  • Visibility of people (each project has to be pieced together from some people) - and this can also be sorted by MS Project
    • Who works on the project?
    • What kind of people are available?
    • What capacity of people is available?

Reporting should be visual:

  • 80% of Europeans would rather look at a picture of a pretty woman than read the description of how the woman looks
    • Eg. a traffic light can immediately show that everything is OK, if there's a problem or something is expected
    • UML is boring, it is only appreciated by a technician (it can always be replaced by the high-level schematics)


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