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ASPX Textbox focus issue


Libor Bešenyi (Solution architect)

We were experiencing losing focuse of ASPX textboxes embedded in Ajax update panel. jQuery helped again.

<asp:TextBox ID="TextBoxStoreys" runat="server" Width="60px" AutoPostBack="true" />

Pressing tab on this control fired server-side on change event (this is correct), but next focused element was lost.

We have implemented hidden field in general master page which keeps last fired element ID and 2 java-script routines: First stored fired control ID and second has catch ending of asynchronous request. Than find next possible element (which is focused manually).

<asp:HiddenField ID="hiddenFieldLastAutopostbackFiredElement" runat="server" />
       <script type="text/javascript">
                    function (sender, e)
                           // #6220 Save latest focus (textbox autopostback issue)
                           var inputHoldsLastFocus = getElement("hiddenFieldLastAutopostbackFiredElement");
                           if (inputHoldsLastFocus.value)
                                  var lastControl = getElement(inputHoldsLastFocus.value);

                                  // Focus next control
                                  var allPossibleElements = $('input:text');
                                  var index = allPossibleElements.index(lastControl);

                                  if (index >= 0 && index + 1 < allPossibleElements.length)
                                        var nextElement = allPossibleElements[index + 1];
                                  } // if

                                   inputHoldsLastFocus.value = null;
                           } // if

              function AutoPostBackTextBox(control)
                    // #6220 Save latest focus (textbox autopostback issue)
                    var inputHoldsLastFocus = getElement("hiddenFieldLastAutopostbackFiredElement");

                    inputHoldsLastFocus.value =;

                     __doPostBack(, "");

AutoPostback on the textbox was removed, as you can see is postback raised within the storing the last element ID:

<asp:TextBox ID="TextBoxStoreys" runat="server" Width="60px" onchange="javascript: AutoPostBackTextBox(this);" />




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