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Content Marketing overview


Libor Besenyi (CTO)

We bring brief notes from the discussion regarding content marketing. Is it necessary? How to do it?

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What is content marketing?

Content created for a customer.

Why to do it?

It's an investment in the future:

  • We need to use it if we want to differentiate the brand in the market (brand building and differentiation from competition)
  • Not so necessary for start-ups (the priority focus should be on more important things like customer care, operating processes, etc.)
  • More continuous content on a webpage increases the search engine ranking of the webpage, however, it is not recommended to do the content because of the content (it can discourage consumers, there is no need to force it)
  • Part of budget should be set aside for the content marketing and we should have no expectations, it does not bring results immediately (it could be months or even years)
    • Who is the target of the content (it is hard to fulfil the content without this information)?
    • What does the customer need (What form?), What makes them happy - Let's talk with the customer! An example would be information on the size of folded prams (Does it fit in the car? This worries customers)
    • How do we want to be perceived as a brand?
    • How to make a customer remember me after they finish reading?
    • The company should have a Marketing Strategy

How to do it?

Depends on the complexity and product:

  • The most common way are blogs on the Web; text is the most relevant form (not necessarily the cheapest)
  • It may be configurators (e.g. for automotive)
  • Videos (let's not forget fitting titles and labels)
  • Texts with tips; the topic only touches on the product, for example, vacuum cleaner bags vendors publish tips on how to maintain a clean household

Few tips:

  • Use short paragraphs
  • The PAS (Problem > Action > Solution); I describe a problem, action to be taken and I come up with a solution
  • The FAB (Future > Advantage > Benefit); I describe a property, make an advantage of it and I describe the benefits that come with it

Who will do it?

  • Own resources (employees)
  • Part-timers (takes care of the content and social networks - depending on the product complexity)
  • A freelancer (50e / page) - copywriter may not be a bad thing in the beginning, but it is not recommended to persist in such regime
  • A company dedicated to marketing / content professionally (most appropriate option)

Content marketing vs. SEO

If we reduce SEO to keywords, it is recommended not to use them as a reference in content marketing (not as a tool), customer needs should be given priority, key words may guide us to new content and we can use keywords / phrases if we find an intersection (don’t force it)



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