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Microsoft or Oracle in SMB?


Libor Bešenyi (CTO)

Is the small & medium business in SK/CZ oriented to Java only?


IT body shop Facts

Java expert is 250e/MD
.Net expert is 230e/MD
There is a lack of Java experts

What about Training curses?

60% of courses opened for Java (course are motly for beginners, Microsoft are for advanced)
7:3 in the number of conferences in favour of Oracle 

The trend seems to be in favour of pro-Java oriented developers. But because Microsoft was really preferred at universities, evidenced by the small number of beginner courses for .Net, the ratio of courses does not necessarily reflect the frequency of use of one or the other technology. Xamarin and new Visual Studio can still shuffle the cards. It will affect the courses later on.

Regional Oracel opinion

Oracle do not know whether companies use Oracle more or less, there are no statistics. In case of businesses it depends mostly on their ERP:

About 99% of mega corporation in the region run on SAP, therefore, Java's at home there
According to them, the ratio is 50:50 in case of SMB

Also big companies with established SAP do not have problems to contract partial system in .Net (e.g. heating plants can integrate SAP and have their attendance systems in .Net: there it will depend on the OS they have chosen, as SAP will run on Unix too). The advantage of Java is that it runs on both Linux and Windows (in case of SAP it depends, but there is a chance for Windows too).


  • They report a pay gap in favour of Java, although they admit that this phenomenon may be related to the lack of Java experts on the market as well as the increased demand for them
  • Windows apparently prevailed at universities and homes, so most programmers are used to .Net from childhood (confirmed by trainings)
  • They admitted that .Net is an easier language (therefore programmers often opt for MS if they have a choice)

Thus, Java is where the money is (started in mega corporations thanks to SAP). Microsoft is where the money is not (started in households). While Java is slowly pushing down (into households) is Microsoft pushing up (MS Dynamic is a competitor of SAP and it is quite significantly favoured by businesses in the US/UK in SMB).


Microsoft has unfortunately declined to comment on the survey.

The vast majority of IT companies with ERP products on the local market have their system really built on MS. In the SMB sector, Java does not play such a significant role as in mega corporations.

As to the comparative advantages of Microsoft, it is IOS (Xamarin) and a stronger player on the market with the Cloud - what should be considered in the future because of digital transformation.


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